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bi stretch ceiling is located in Beirut, Lebanon and offers an array of services.We provide numerous services and goods under one roof to ensure overall quality and give each and every one of our clients a spectacular product.




Energy saving






Fireproofing feature: The stretch ceiling ranks B1 fireproofing standard, the same with plaster tablet ceiling.

Energy saving function: Manufactured with PVC material, the ceiling is provided with excellent insulation, which lowers the loss of interior temperature to save energy.

Anti-bacterium: BlO-PRUF ،is added in the manufacturing process, which effectively inhibits many pathogenic bacteria such as Staphylococcus Aureus and pneumonia bacillus etc.

Waterproofing: The stretch ceiling is made with specially processed PVC material, supporting sewage over 200kg without leakage and damage, after clean it, the film is still intact, the ceiling’s surface is processed with atomization, thus it won’t produce condensing water for moisture.

Rich color: Nine series and over hundred colors are available for customers, meanwhile, me have spurt and coating technology with national patent so the picture provided by customers can be spurted on the film.

Strong modeling function: The stretch ceiling is a kind of film structure material, deciding ceiling’s whole style according to curving shape of the Keel, so it styles freely with diversification, Large-scale usage will surely comes to simple and smooth interior effect.

Convenient installation: The ceiling can be directly installed on wall, square timber, steel structure, gypsum inter-wall and timber ،inter-wall, suitable for each kind of construction structure, and can be re-disassembled.

Excellent anti-aging function: The flexible film and fastener of the ceiling have experienced special anti-aging process and the keel is made of aluminium alloy.

Safety & Environmental protection: The ceiling adopts the most advanced non-toxic formula without such deleterious substances as cadmium and ethyl alcohol etc. Therefore, no deleterious substances will be released when using, and 100% of it can be recycled, which totally conforms to the environmental protection theme ،n modern society.

Ideal acoustic effect: plays ideal absorption role in high, medium and low frequency sound, having passed test of national building materials examination center and Hong Kong acoustics association. It’s often applied to concert hall, conference room and school.

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